M & Q’s UrgentiCare – iPhone Repair

M & Q’s UrgentiCare – iPhone Repair is located in Hendersonville, TN.  Mikela White is a certified and trained technician for UrgentiCare.  Contact Mikela at (615) 810-6960 mikela2


iPhone 5/5S/5C = call for price

iPhone 4/4S = Front ($85) black or white
iPhone 4/4S = Back ($40) black or white
iPhone 4/4S = Back COLOR ($50) other than black and white
iPhone 4/4S = Color Conversion ($110) front and back

iPhone 3/3GS Glass+Digitizer Replacement = $40
IPHONE 3GS LCD Replacement = $60Urgenticare_Pic__Q

Home Button Repair = $50
Battery Replacement = $50
Charge Port/Speaker = $50
Power Button Replacement = $50
Camera Replacement = $50

iPad 1, 2 Front = $150
iPad 3 Front = $175
iPad 4 Front = $200

iPod (2,3 generation) = $55
iPod (4th generation, camera) = $80q's fix

One Response to M & Q’s UrgentiCare – iPhone Repair

  1. Elaine Payne says:

    Hi Mikela,
    I met your dad in my office recently. Very nice man :) He gave me one of your cards.
    I was wondering if you repair IPad screens. Unfortunately I dropped my friends’s IPad this past weekend and shattered the glass :(
    Thanks! Elaine

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